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Special Session set for President’s nominations; for new Members induction



PALIKIR, POHNPEI. July 23, 2011 – The First Special Session of the Seventeenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia is scheduled to convene on Monday July 25th for 10-days as called by President Emanuel ‘Manny’ Mori to address his nominations and Budget issues among others.


Along with the issues noted in the President’s Call, Congress is expected to seat the newly elected members for the vacant four-year seats in the 17th Congress, namely for the States of Chuuk and Kosrae. The seats were vacated by President Mori of Chuuk and Vice President Alik L. Alik of Kosrae.


It is expected that the Oath of Office will be administered on the first day of the Special Session to the newly elected four-year members or at-large representatives Yosiwo P. George of the State of Kosrae and Wesley W. Simina from the State of Chuuk.


The Special Session as called by President Mori is to address among other matters, four urgent issues for which he indicated are: 1. The nominations for his Cabinet positions and the nation’s Ambassadors; 2. The upcoming Fiscal Year 2012 Budget; 3. A 2011 supplemental budget; and 3. The budget for the Program Management Unit.


The Special Session is expected to adjourn on August 5, 2011, but may be shortened or extended by resolution. 


The session precedes the two-day Inauguration Ceremonies for the National Government scheduled for July 28 thru 29 at the FSM-China Friendship Indoor Auditorium in Palikir.








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