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Congress delays Third Regular Session to January 16


PALIKIR, POHNPEI.  January 12, 2012 – The convening of the Third Regular Session of the Seventeenth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia has been delayed from January 10 2011 and will instead convene on the 16th of January.

Speaker Isaac V. Figir wrote to President Emanuel ‘Manny’ Mori that the delay is to “allow the Executive Branch more time to finalize the financial figures for FY-11 so that Congress can make more informed decisions.”

He concluded his letter by saying, “it is also our hope that by the time the State-National Leadership Conference convenes the National Government is able to answer any concerns on financial data from the States.”

The Third Regular Session will also address the two Presidential nominations received on January 9th to fill the vacant positions in the President’s Cabinet and overseas posts.

The President has nominated Dion G. Neth for the position of Secretary of the FSM Department of Finance and Administration.  President’s transmittal letter noted that Neth has “over 20 years of experience and extensive background in public service,” citing the various posts he has held at both the state and national level.  Given the vast work experiences that Neth possess, the President concluded that he is “confident Mr. Neth is a well-suited candidate for the position and will perform accordingly.”

Ignacio Stephen has been nominated to serve as the FSM Consul General in Hawaii.  According to the President’s transmittal letter, Stephen’s extensive educational background and prior work experience in both the public and private sectors afforded him a “wealth of knowledge and experience that will enable him to serve well in the capacity of which he is nominated.”

In addition to the nominations of Neth and Stephen, Congress also received two nominations to the Joint Trust Fund Committee, as created by the Trust Agreement between the FSM and the United States. The President has nominated Rose Nakanaga as the representative of the FSM Government with Kembo Mida Jr. to be the Private Sector representative.

The Third Regular Session of the 17th FSM Congress will convene on January 16 and for the next 20 days to address the nominations along with other matters pending before Congress. In accordance with its Rules of Procedures, the Session is scheduled for 20 days unless shortened or extended by resolution.

As usual, the Sessions of Congress begin at 10am and are open to the interested general public.



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