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Mori-sensei visits ‘his’ coconut tree in Palikir

.  - Former Prime Minister of Japan Yoshiro Mori returned to Palikir on June 10 2012, to enjoy the fruits of a coconut tree he planted when he first visit the Federated States of Micronesia in September 2001.

On the 19th of September 2001, Mori-sensei led a delegation to the Federated States of Micronesia to meet with the national leadership as invited by then President Leo A. Falcam. During his meeting with members of the 12th FSM Congress they established the FSM-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League and both Mori-sensei and the then Speaker Jack Fritz each planted a coconut tree to symbolically signify the cultivation of a new partnership.  

In September of 2008 Mori-Sensei again visited the FSM, this time at the invitation of Speaker Isaac V. Figir and members of the 15th FSM Congress.  Congress acknowledged his prominent role in the successful realization of undertakings such as Pohnpei’s airport extension, completion of its circumferential road and the appointment of a resident Ambassador to the FSM. As part of the invitation, Mori addressed Congress live from the Chamber where he called on the leadership of the FSM to explore further means of enhancing the FSM-Japan relationship.

This third visit, Mori-sensei joined Japan’s 120-member delegation on the inaugural direct-flight from Japan to the FSM on June 9th to officially witness the completion of the Japan funded project for the runway extension and facility improvement of the Pohnpei International Airport.

After the ceremonies for the inaugural flight, on June 10 2012, Mori-sensei returned to Palikir with a small 11-member delegation accompanied by Ambassador Eiichi Suzuki of the Japan Embassy in the FSM and Ambassador John Fritz of the FSM Embassy in Japan to see his fruit-bearing coconut tree.

Vice Speaker Berney Martin and Senator Roger S. Mori welcomed Mori-sensei and his delegation with refreshments mostly from the coconut tree.  Mori-sensei was pleasantly surprised by the development of his tree which was bearing fruits and equally delighted when provided a coconut drink from his tree along with a hat woven from the fronds. Mori-sensei and his delegation were treated to refreshments and products made from the versatile coconut tree.

The visit wrapped-up close to two hours later and the group headed out to visit the ancient ruins of Nan Madol.  

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