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New Eighteenth FSM Congress to reorganize on May 11


PALIKIR, POHNPEI. May 8, 2009  -  The Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia will convene in Palikir at 10am on Saturday – May 11 2013,  for the Opening Session of the nation’s Eighteenth Congressional Body. 

The Opening Session will seat the recently elected two-year representatives of the four states to the FSM Congress. In addition, as the First Regular Session of the new Sixteenth Congress, Saturday’s session would also hold a reorganization of the following Congress leadership:  Speaker, Vice Speaker, Floor Leader. 

Along with the reorganization of the Presiding Officers, the Opening Session would also decide on the Chairmen and members of the six Congressional Committees:
1. the Committee on External Affairs;
2. the Committee on Health,
3. the Committee on Education and Social Affairs;
4. the Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations;
5.  the Committee on Resources and Development;
6.  the Committee on Transportation and Communications; and
7. the Committee on Ways and Means.  

Congress invites the general public to join the Opening Session of the new Congress in Palikir at 10am on Saturday - May 11, 2013.  Through the FSM Telecommunications Corporations and assistance by the Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation, the event will also be streamed live from Palikir through the state radios and the internet at

As always, the interested general public in invited to witness the proceedings of the FSM Congress, especially its citizens.

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