Congress News


Thirty Four candidates vie for the 14 seats in Congress

Congress Session Address National Budget and Infrastructure Needs of States

Speaker Halbert postpones Fifth Regular Session to 15 September

Ways and Means Committee meets in Palikir

Fourth Regular Session pass measures to assist struggling states

Major issues of Fourth Regular Session of 18CFSM

Committee to Wait on President Invited President Mori to Meet with Congress

18th FSM Congress Convenes Its 4th Special Session

Congress convenes for budget session and pressing issues

Congress Committees hold state hearings on sector fund transition

Speaker Halbert meets with Mori of Japan National Diet

Speaker Halbert meets with Fiji President Nailatikau

FSM Congress Appropriates $4.9 Million for Grassroot Level Needs

Speaker calls for 3rd Special Session

Yap Senators Held Open Discussion Meeting with Yapese on Guam

Special Session passes Climate Change Act, works on Telecom Bill

Congress continue deliberations on National Governments’ FY 2014 budget

Special Session extends tax clause and extends assistance nation-wide

Speaker Halbert in Chuuk for National Law Debate 2013

First Special Session of 18th Congress to address ‘sunset clause’

New Eighteenth Congress concludes First Regular Session

Congress Passes Supplemental Budget For Tax Reform and Other FY13 Requests

Halbert new speaker of FSMs’ Eighteenth Congress

New Eighteenth FSM Congress to reorganize on May 11

Congress delays for three months clause in tax Act

Special Session to address sunset clause in tax act

National election office declares winners of national election 2013

Congress passes new payment procedures for corporate income tax

Last regular session of 17th Congress to convene January 7



21 contenders for national elections 2013

Congress mourns death of longtime member Claude H. Phillip

Congress approves a national budget of $40 million for FY-2013

Congress confirms Ikosia and Skilling to Finance and Justice respectively

Kosrae legislative conference urge adherence to timelines on national issues

Kosrae State to host 2012 legislative conference

Speaker Figir proposes amendments to the FSM Constitution

Speaker Figir Meets with US Assistant Secretary Campbell

Mori-sensei visits ‘his’ coconut tree in Palikir

Congress addresses FY-2103 national budget

Congress passes new Revenue Act for the FSM

Congress passes Human Trafficking Act

Congress delays Third Regular Session to January 16

Christmas Message 2011 by Speaker Isaac V. Figir

Legislative conference 2011 concludes with defined action plan

Speaker Figir's message encourage citizens to review its roles

Congress confirms 17 nominations and defeats four

Congress confirms FSM’s first woman Ambassador

Congress approves National Budget, Now tackles National Nominations

Congress hosts 42nd General Assembly of the Asian-Pacific Parlimentarians' Union

FSM to accede to UN Protocol against trafficking

Speaker Figir outer islands' visit address immigration and trafficking

Special Session set for President's nominations; for new members induction

Congress Confims deputies for FSM overseas Mission

National Departments in front of Congress for their FY-12 Budgets

Seventeenth Congress Maintain National Leadership

Seventeenth Congress to convene May 11 for induction and reorganization

Orientation Seminar underway for members-elect of 17th Congress

FSM Joins the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Special Session adjourns after passage of tax Authority Act

Congress delays maritime surveillance fund to assist neighbors

Special Session to wrap up matters pending under current Congress

National Elections underway for members of 17th Congress

Speaker Figir flags Compact annual decrements for symposium action